The House
The house : Avitus wine merchants...

Our main activity is the purchase and sale of top wines from various french regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Languedoc, Loire valley, Corsica, and Champagne, as well as excellent values from portugal. We mostly operate as a wholesale company, and our customers based in Europe, Asia, and the United States not only appreciate our great range of wines but also our fair pricing and the enthusiasm of
our team.


Our roots are deep in the heart of wine country. The combination of Arnaud's lifelong friendships with many young and promising Rhone vintners, his family links in Cognac and Burgundy and his subsequent experience in the Bordeaux wholesale trade have enabled him to forge strong links with reliable suppliers. An excellent rapport among all the players makes for stable, long-term alliances, which work to everybody's advantage.


fair pricing

Thanks to many direct allocations and through a policy of low margins, we are offering you some of the french and portuguese finest wines at keen pricing. In each price range, we offer you the finest selection, wheter the criterion be prestige, character, or sheer enjoyment. The way we see it, every one of our bottles bears witness to a way of living, a set of values -- in a word, a culture, and one with deep and widespread roots.


We help to promote the wines we have selected. We organize regular meetings between our winegrowers and our distributors, in order to inspire mutual confidence and enthusiasm, prompt new ideas, and thereby increase sales. We coordinate the export of fine wines to Europe, Asia and the United States. We supervise every step of the sales system - from the reception of orders through the packaging and shipping, to the billing process and beyond, in order to guarantee the most competent and efficient service possible.